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Carabiner Hook make great promotional product. Among all the giveaways, a Hook is the safest way to get your company noticed fast. Moreover, it is not at all an expensive proposition. Often, you notice the logo of a company stand out when someone handles a classy Hook. The idea of promoting your company through a carabiner Hook is not only economical, but it is effective too given the fact that almost everyone uses Hook. Carabiner Hook personalized with a customized message or a company logo surely make one of your perfect giveaways. 

Carabiner hooks are normally laser engraved. These Hooks are very popular because they are stylish, easy to use, eye-catching, and the logo will not scratch off. It is the most ideal way to carry the message of your company. Interestingly, the Carabiner Hook is economical also. With an attractive price range – the carabiner Hooks are a perfect trade show giveaway and custom promotional item.

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We specialize in various shapes and materials of such Hooks. There are lots of styles to choose from. Some of the classic carabiner Hook include: D-shaped carabiner, Mini carabiner, Fish, Horses, Dog Bones, Houses, Dollar Signs, Stars, Hearts and the like. In fact, high quality Hooks can be customized into any shape with a message or logo imprinted on them.

Metalmaster Promotions has a wide range of promotional carabiner Hooks with cool and useful attachments. Engraved or blank carabiner Hooks are available with attachable lights, pens, and even compasses. Turntable Carabiner Clip and Rotating Function Carabiner Hook, for example, have trendy electronic watches attached to them. Similarly, pillbox carabiner Hook holds pills inside an easy to use container with its attached carabiner clip. The Hook is available in translucent blue, translucent green and translucent red colors.

Carabiner hooks are ideally designed to blend style and functionality. These Hooks are in the form of bottle openers, classic, designer, solid metal, or simply funky-types. Each item is designed with generous imprinting space in mind for your company logo and message.

Since the visibility is so high, advertising your company through carabiner Hooks makes more sense, economically, than Internet, TV and Print advertising.

Other Multi-Function Carabiners   For more information and prices  

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