Fancy Shaped Custom wire paperclip

Minimum Order 5,000pcs

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 Butterfly - fancy wire paperclip  Goose or Duck - fancy wire paperclip  Kittens or Cats - fancy wire paperclip

  Butterfly 1                Duck or Goose             Kittens or Cats         

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Big Bird - Fancy wire paper clipElephnat - fancy wire paperclipBig Bone 1 - fancy wire paperclip

Big Bird                  Elephant                         Big Bones       

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        Big Bone (Nickel) Fancy wire paper clip  Hip Bone - Fancy wire paper clipships Anchor - Fancy Promotional wire paper clip

Big Bones (Nickel)           Hip Bones           ShipAnchor

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      Small Bone (Nickel) - Fancy wire shaped paper clip  Small Bone coloured - Fancy custom wire paper clip  Open Book - Fancy wire paper clips 

         Small Bones (Nickel)      Small Bobe (Colour)          Open Books

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    Butterfly 2 - Fancy shaped wire paper clips  Candles -Fancy wire paper clip  Guitar - Fancy shaped wire paper clip   

  Butterfly 2                           Candles                        Guitar                             Glases

 Eye Glases - Fancy wire paper clip           More information and prices

   Eye Glasses


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