Nifty Clip - A paper clip that gets noticed

The Nifty Paperclip is no ordinary paperclip,

The standard paper clip (GEM paperclip) is the iconic paper clip and is made from soft ductile wire that offers some slight pressure to grip sheets of paper and is not expensive to manufacture, however the Gem paperclip has a major weakness in it's design in that it can easily be bend out of shape.               

Standard shape MOQ 10,000pcs . More information and prices

This is not a problem for everyday office use where it only needs to be used once only and them thrown away. For situations where a clip needs to be used over and over them the Nifty Clip is ideal for this purpose.

       Nify Clip - 20mm paper clip       Nify Clip - 25 mm paper clip

Nifty Clips are made from sprung steel and shaped as a flat spiral, this shape and choice of material, offers a much greater torsion pressure to grip things and also keeps its shape after it has been removed, so that it can be used over and over again. The distinctive spiral shape of the Nifty Clip makes it stand out and lends itself to lots of other uses as well as clipping paper together.

Nifty Clip come in 3 sizes; 20mm, 25mm and 30mm

                             Nify Clip - 30 mm paperclip

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