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The LetterClip promotional printed paperclip from clippa clips.

This popular model and timeless design is very a cost effective marketing tool.

Companies devote a great deal of time to their image and the LetterClip: Business Promotional printed paper clip is the finishing touch to all correspondence

 Business Promotional Paperclip

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The subtle difference

The LetterClip: Business Promotional Paper clip is ideal for displaying your logo or corporate name colourfully and stylishly. Attach your own LetterClip: Business Promotional printed Paperclips to all outgoing post to ensure your daily correspondence and printed matter attract valuable extra attention.

 Timeless design

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The printing process specially developed by LetterClip is unique in the world. It allows us to print the LetterClip in 4 colours and with full-colour prints. No concessions are made with regard to quality. The best materials and craftsmanship guarantee our quality. Business Promotional Paper clip

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Letterclips by Clippa Clips - Promotional paper clips

  Promotional metal paperclip - Letterclip 

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Remains in circulation

Your name and logo remain in circulation, because LetterClip: Business Promotional Paper clip  are rarely thrown away! People always save them. So your business contacts or prospective customers are constantly reminded of your message and company. The LetterClip: Business Promotional Paper clip are usually used internally after receipt, thus increasing your organisation's name familiarity. The LetterClip displaying your logo effectively enhances your corporate identity.


  Business Promotional Printed Paper clip - Letterclip 

 √ Mimimum order 1,000 clips
 √ Printing in 1 to 4 colours
   √ Sustainable stainless steel  

  Promotional metal paperclip craftsman - Letterclip


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LetterClip: Business Promotional Paper clip is a logo printable unique stainless steel paperclip, these image printable metal paperclips from clippa clips are an affordable and durable metal promotional product - an ideal promotional item deployed for cost-effective corporate incentive and mass marketing mailers. LetterClip custom imprinted metal paperclips are another innovative fascinating promotional article made in Europe by Clippa Clips.

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LetterClip: Business Promotional Print Paper clip is a bespoke type of branding printable stainless steel paperclip available in a variety of gift packaging options.

"it is so good prospective clients will keep corporation-branding bespoke printable metal paperclips for themselves! "

Promotional article Attribute
branded printable stainless steel paperclips are perfect to display a image or business name in colour and style.
Affordable marketing with a touch of class is simply accomplished by fixing a LetterClip logo imprinted metal paperclip to outgoing agreements, trading correspondance and business promotional material .

Low Cost Marketing Mailers -
The perfect promotional item:'Feather light' and flat in quality metal, LetterC lip custom printable metal paperclips are not only postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible. Request a quote for Letterclip here!

For a Longer Lasting Impression... with the Letter Clip branded printable stainless steel paperclips Range... Your name, bespoke and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as LetterC lip are rarely thrown away! This is a tremendous way to ensure customers and business contacts are constantly made aware of your company.

Printed with a log, article name or slogan, image printable metal paperclips can play an very valuable role with introductions and cost effective promotions. Business Promotional Paper clip

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