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This paper binder was invented more than 100 years ago; a brilliant concept that remains very successful to this day.

The LogoClip adds a valuable extra dimension; your own company name or logo.

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         Logo Clip Promotional paperclip

Stylish and useful

The light material with embossed company name or logo gives documents and business correspondence the required finishing touch.




A handmade engraving enables your name or logo to be embossed, giving your letters and documents a distinguished finishing touch.

The result is a "Classic style" clip in a contemporary form.

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     Promotional Staple clip Drawing - Logo clip

Permanent binding

Still as useful as ever, but now stylishly and prominently displayed with your identity, you can permanently bind multi-page correspondence and documents.

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Not only can the LogoClip display your logo, it can also be supplied in 4 colours: blue, red, gold and silver. A Logo Clip can also be supplied in your own company colour.

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LogoClip, branding embossed sensational metal paperclips

LogoClip, are embossed metal paperclips from Clippa which are an affordable and durable aluminium promotional article - an perfect promotional product deployed for cost-effective corporate incentive and mass marketing mailers. LogoClip customised embossed metal paperclips are another innovative sensational promotional merchandise made in Europe by

"it is the little things that count! "

Promotional product Attribute
Branded embossed aluminium paperclips are perfect to display a customised or corporation name in style. Affordable marketing with a touch of class is simply achieved by attaching a LogoClip image embossed metal paperclip to outgoing memo and enterprise correspondence.

Low Cost Marketing Mailers -
The perfect promotional merchandise:'Feather light' and flat in quality metal, LogoClip customised embossed aluminium paperclips are not only postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible.  

For a Longer Lasting Impressions with the image embossed aluminium paperclips Range...
Your name, branding and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as LogoClips are rarely thrown away! This is a terrific way to ensure customers and business contacts are constantly made aware of your corporation.

LogoClip - Metallic colours

Embossed with a log, item name or motto, personalised embossed aluminium paperclips can play an very essential role with introductions and cost effective promotions.

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