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Custom Promotional item - Paper clip by Clippa Clips

The NoteClip is unique. It is the only custom promotional printed paper clip that is printed on both sides. Its ergonomic shape and double-sided imprint give it a high eye-catching value.

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You can recognise the Note Clip from Clippa Clips by:

 the identical front and back;

 the Clippa logo on the fold;

 the high print quality.

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More information and prices


The production process for the NoteClip has been modified to ensure quality is maintained at a lower minimum order. This modification means that the NoteClip is available from 1,000 clips, while no concessions have been made in terms of achieving maximum print quality!

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Distinguishing means of communication

With its large printable surface and ergonomic shape, it’s a winner. And with a minimum order of just 1,000, the NoteClip can be used by any company as a communication tool.

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The NoteClip is ideally suited for promoting your logo or company name in combination with your website address both on the front and on the reverse. The NoteClip allows you to clip 18 sheets together securely without damaging the paper.

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The advantages

Your customers immediately see that you have an eye for detail. Every day more and more companies are discovering that using promotional paperclips really works!

Minimum order 1,000 clips
Both sides printed as standard
Handy in use
Printing in up to 8 colours possible
Large print surface

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 NoteClip, branding printable sensational metal paperclips

Note Clip, are custom printable metal paperclips from Clippa Clips are an affordable and durable stainless steel promotional article - an perfect promotional product deployed for cost-effective corporate incentive and mass marketing mailers. Letterclip customised imprinted metal paperclips are another innovative sensational promotional merchandise made in Europe by Clippa Clips. As is a bespoke type of customised imprinted stainless steel paperclip available in a variety of gift packaging options.

"it is the little things that count! "

Promotional product Attribute
branded printable stainless steel paperclips are perfect to display a customised or corporation name in colour and style. Affordable marketing with a touch of class is simply achieved by attaching a NoteClip image printable metal paperclip to outgoing memo and enterprise correspondence.

Low Cost Marketing Mailers -
The perfect promotional merchandise:'Feather light' and flat in quality metal, NoteClip customised printable stainless steel paperclips are not only postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible.  

For a Longer Lasting Impressions with the Clippa Clips image printable stainless steel paperclips Range...
Your name, branding and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as NoteClip are rarely thrown away! This is a terrific way to ensure customers and business contacts are constantly made aware of your corporation. To get prices and more information on Note clips 

Printed with a log, item name or motto, personalised printable stainless steel paperclips can play an very essential role with introductions and cost effective promotions.

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